Project Timeline Templates

Free Excel Template

Track project progress, identify potential delays, and mitigate issues before they occur with this project timeline template. Monitor how your project is progressing and how long each task actually takes to ensure that it stays on schedule.

Smartsheet Template

Increase your effectiveness with this easily customizable Smartsheet template designed to help you launch and manage your project. Get this template, plus hundreds more, when you try Smartsheet free for 30 days.

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Découvrez pourquoi plus de 80 % des entreprises du classement Fortune 500 comptent sur Smartsheet pour planifier, capturer, gérer, automatiser et rendre compte de leurs projets et autres travaux, pour des processus plus efficaces et de meilleurs résultats commerciaux.

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Si vous envisagez Smartsheet, ce sera la meilleure décision que vous ayez jamais prise.

— Rebecca Wilhelm, directrice, Ville de Detroit

Head-to-head comparison: Microsoft Excel vs. Smartsheet


Most people are familiar with Excel spreadsheets. And, Excel is still the best tool for number crunching, financial analysis, and pivoting data. But it was never intended for project management.

Try managing your next project with Smartsheet, the only platform that can scale from a single project to end-to-end work management, connecting business on a no-code, cloud-based platform where anyone can create the solution they need — backed by the control and security IT requires.

Watch this video to see how these two popular tools compare so you can determine which one is best for your project management efforts.