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September 19, 2017

10:15 AM
to 11:00 AM

Smartsheet and Google: Transforming Collaborative Work

With 15 points of integration, Google and Smartsheet work perfectly together. Join us to learn how you can layer the work management horsepower of Smartsheet atop G Suite's award-winning collaborative productivity tools to drive meaningful gains in your business.

11:15 AM
to 12:00 PM

Smartsheet and Office 365: Uplevel Your Teamwork

Combining the power of Smartsheet and Microsoft Office 365 can make your team collaboration seamless across the enterprise. See how Smartsheet is bringing the latest in Microsoft innovations to our customers to help automate your Office.

1:15 PM
to 2:15 PM

Smartsheet For JIRA: Empower Your Project Stakeholders and Build a "Next Gen" IT Service Desk

Teams working in JIRA struggle with a centralized view of the projects they are driving. Leverage the power of Smartsheet Sights, Card View, web forms, and many other capabilities to "power up" your teams and gain critical insight into the team's work.

Also, hear how customers are building the "next gen" IT service desk by combining Smartsheet and JIRA.

3:45 PM
to 4:45 PM

Smartsheet and NetSuite: Close Your Books Faster

See how combining Smartsheet with the power of NetSuite dramatically reduces the time it takes for month-end closing, decreases audit costs, improves efficiency, and enhances visibility and accountability of the closing.

September 20, 2017

10:15 AM
to 11:00 AM

Smartsheet for Salesforce: Accelerate Your Sales

See how teams use Smartsheet for Salesforce to automate the hand-off between Sales and Implementation Teams, helping to delight customers, lower costs, and dramatically improve efficiency. 

Also learn how high-performing sales teams use Smartsheet for Salesforce to manage their sales forecasting process to save hours of selling time for each rep each week, driving unprecedented productivity on the sales floor.

11:15 AM
to 12:00 PM

Real-World PPM With Smartsheet for ServiceNow and CA PPM

Customers using PPM tools often struggle with getting the necessary visibility into their projects while also successfully managing the task level detail of their projects. Learn from PPM experts Rego Consulting to see how Smartsheet for CA PPM and Smartsheet for ServiceNow PPM can bring the power of Smartsheet to your teams while still delivering your critical work data back into your PPM tool.

Josh Leone, CTO – Rego Consulting

1:15 PM
to 2:00 PM

How to Leverage the Power of Real-Time Communications in Smartsheet

As important communications tools like Slack, Teams, Skype, Hangouts/Chat, etc. become ever more present in your environments, your ability to maximize value while minimizing complexity and disruption grows in importance. By centralizing your communications through integrations with Smartsheet, workers benefit from having the full context of their work at their fingertips.

2:15 PM
to 3:00 PM

Creating a Seamless Hand-Off From Sales to Services With Smartsheet for Salesforce

See how Smartsheet's top customers leverage the power of our Salesforce Connector and Smartsheet Control Center to automate the hand-off between sales and customer services. Delight your customers, gain visibility into your process, and save your services team time and money.